1  How do I activate my account?
2  How do I deactivate my account?
3  How do I get the transcriptions and an audio file of my voice mails emailed to me?
4  Why is it important that my mobile is activated?

Search Voice Mails

5  How can I search my voice mails?


6  What happens if VoxSci can't transcribe my voice mails


7  How will I know that I have received a new voice mail?
8  How do I manage notifications to my Android phone?
9  Why am I not being getting notified when I receive an new voice mail?
10  My Android phone already notifies me for missed calls, why is the VoxSci notification different?


11  Will the VoxSci App work with a PAYG mobile?
12  Will my network operator charge me for using the VoxSci service?
13  How do I record a personal greeting?
14  Will the App synchronise with the contacts on my mobile?
15  I like to read my voicemails but sometimes I wish to listen to them
16  I have forgotten my PIN, what do I do now?
17  Is the service secure?
18  How do I refer friends and colleagues?
19  How do I delete a voice mail?
20  How do I contact VoxSciences?
21  How do I get my VoxSci service to work with Skype?


22  How do I close my account?


23  Deactivation codes for the UK
24  Deactivation codes for the US