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Getting Started

Switching to our Voicemail to Text service couldn't be simpler.

Step 1 - Register with VoxSciences, if you haven't already done so.

Step 2 - As soon as you have registered you will receive a text message from us saying this:

Welcome to VoxSciences.

Please dial this code from your phone to activate:

**004*(your VoxSciences™ voicemail number)*11#

All you do is dial **004*(your VoxSciences™ voicemail number)*11# on your mobile phone, replacing what is in the brackets with your assigned VoxSciences™ Voicemail-to-Text number that was sent to you in your activation text.

Our service is completely network operator independent and use fully supported by all UK mobile network operators.

Step 3 - All your voicemails will be now delivered to you as text messages for you to read within minutes of them being left for you.

That's it!


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Leave a message from your mobile on

0203 111 22 00

....and we'll send you a text back of what you've said

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