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Voicemail-to-Text is different to the iPhone's Visual Voicemail facility.

iPhone Visual Voicemail simply shows the user a list of their messages so that they can decide which ones to listen to. The user cannot read their voicemails as they can with the VoxSciences™ Voicemail-to-Text service.

Whilst iPhone Visual Voicemail helps with voicemail retrieval it does not complete it. The user still has to pick up their voicemail message, listen to it and write down notes. Also, iPhone Visual Voicemail is handset dependant whilst the VoxSciences™ service Voicemail-to-Text service is not.



The VoxSciences™ Voicemail-to-Text service works particularly well with the Blackberry (or any other smartphone that has email facilities). Once a VoxSciences™ Voicemail-Text has arrived on your Blackberry you can chose to respond by voice, text or email.

Responding by text or email can be particularly helpful if you are in a meeting when the message arrives. (See Voicemail Etiquette).



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