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Drawing objective conclusions from a marketing campaign or customer satisfaction program for a client from emails, online surveys and SMS is relatively simply as the source data is in textural format and therefore electronically searchable. However obtaining searchable data from audio files of voice comments requires that the audio file is transcribed into text.

Our VERBS (Virtual Engine for Recognition of Basic Speech) engine converts voice messages into text messages and delivers them either as an email, SMS or via an API interface.

This gives voice messages a quantum leap to join email, SMS and IM on an equal basis with all the inherent advantages such as textural search.

Furthermore by using our IVR platform and voice to text conversion combined, marketing questionnaires can be captured digitally for objective analysis. This provides the opportunity to electronically analysis vast amounts of calls and represent the results graphically with drill down capabilities.

For example an insurance company might ask a client at the end of a call with one of its agents to answer a short customer satisfaction questionnaire which would involve asking the client to grade the agent from 1 to 5 by pressing a key on their dialling pad and then to leave a verbal comment. The quality score would be captured and passed back along with the comment which is converted into text (typically via our API interface).

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