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In addition to our Voicemail to Text and TextMemo service we have a number of products planned for the future all driven by our VERBS engine (see How it Works).


Our recently launched TextMemo service is really useful for those moments when you remember something but at the time it is not convenient to write a note or open your laptop and add a task to your 'to do list.

Once you have registered for our Voicemail-to-Text service we automatically set up our TextMemo service for you FREE of charge.

To leave yourself a TextMemo simply dial 0203 111 22 00 and speak the memo that you want to send to yourself. We convert your memo into text and send it to your mobile phone as a text message and a copy to your email address (if you have selected this option).

Coming Soon!

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Check here to see our new products as they become available.


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Leave a message from your mobile on

0203 111 22 00

....and we'll send you a text back of what you've said

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