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All communications use encrypted connections at all times to maintain a high level of security, employing the strongest publicly available encryption strength.



Transfer of data
Command line access
Website access
VoxSciences™ // Secured


Advanced IP routing, allowing access to be determined by application and/or location Demilitarised Zone (DMZ): virtual buffer between the internet and internal networks and all internet traffic is filtered before passing through subsequent systems

Security audits can be performed on your network and computers: ensuring that machines are using the latest stable version of each application, check for open ports and vulnerabilities and test general security.

Websites & E-Commerce:
Our web-based applications all feature security systems as standard, Authentication using unique username and password combination Multiple access levels, e.g., administrators have full rights, editors can only access certain functions.

HTTPS access: encrypted connection to websites is mandatory for credit card payments Session timeouts: if no activity is recorded, the user is automatically logged out. This can be configured or disabled.

Protection against login scripts:
after a number of predetermined login attempts, users must enter a keyword in addition to username and password. Keywords are automatically generated and displayed as images which cannot be analysed by login scripts (i.e., hacking tools).

User lockout:
user accounts can be disabled (absolute), or disabled after a number of unsuccessful login attempts. The next login time can be configured, e.g., after an unsuccessful login, the user can only attempt another login after 30 minutes.
Other options can also be added


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