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The Death of Voicemail

  • 75% of all business calls fail to complete on the first attempt
  • 70% of executive time is spent in meetings, on another call or out of the office
  • 76% of all business communications are not time sensitive

 [source AT&T]

Voicemail has been around for about 15 years and is indispensable as the statistics above show. It is also somewhat of a dinosaur in an increasingly searchable text based business/consumer environment.

Listening to voicemail can be terribly inefficient and laborious.  How many times have you listened in frustration to say 8 voicemails, just so that you can get to that potentially important last message?  Voicemail is becoming an anachronism in the wake of the explosion of email, SMS and IM, all of which are text based.

It takes much longer to listen to a message than to read it. And voicemail is usually outside of our typical workflow, making it difficult to forward or to easily reply.

VoxSciences™ provides a paradigm shift by delivering voicemails as text messages. This gives voicemail a quantum leap to join email, SMS and IM on an equal basis.

Although voice is here to stay as a data input method, listening to messages will certainly become an increasing luxury, to be reserved for loved ones (when you need to hear their tone of voice and emotions).

Voicemail-to-Text is still in its infancy, but as the word gets out it will become ubiquitous in as little as 1 or 2 years.

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